Many of us feel pressured by lack of time and having no head-space. Although we think as hard as we can, there just isn’t enough creative juice to generate ideas and solve problems. If your creativity needs a jump start, this workshop combining the power of the Six Thinking Hats® with a number of key Lateral Thinking tools will make creativity an everyday possibility.

Attend this course if you need to:

  • Encourage collaboration and communication.
  • Recognise and overcome the barriers for creativity.
  • Strengthen your creativity skills by learning tools and techniques.
  • Focus and manage the thinking.
  • Turn problems into opportunities
  • Identify ways to make space and time for thinking.
  • Realise that you are creative.

Jump start your creativity

Many people think that creativity is a mysterious process reserved to those who are naturally creative. The reality is there are tools and techniques that you can learn and these are available to everybody, through this short course.

The course has two components:

The Six Thinking Hats: A process that establishes Parallel Thinking®. It enables collaboration, focus, exploration and allows new dimensions of possibility to open up.

Within the Six Thinking Hats®, the Green Hat provides for creativity. It opens the mind to start generating new ideas. It provides an opportunity to bring the non-existent into existence. The Green Hat doesn’t give you “instant magic” but it provides an opportunity for serious creativity.

Lateral Thinking helps you find that instant magic. It provides the tools and techniques to build new ideas, challenge current ways of operating and open new lines of thinking.