Power of Perception™

10 simple strategies for sharpening your perception and focusing your thinking in a more comprehensive,
effective and efficient way

We’ve all said it. Too much to do, too little time. But what if you could really focus. Cut out all the distractions and funnel your thoughts until you drill down to the right action? Think how much more you could accomplish.

The Power of Perception™ gives you 10 simple tools for sharpening your perception and focusing your thinking in a more comprehensive, effective, and efficient way. The Power of Perception™ will enable you to have a broad and inclusive viewpoint. The tools create a framework for defining a situation. That framework will improve your ability to consider consequences before you take action.Our modern lives, both business and personal are very fast paced and full of action. We often confuse action without enough thought. We love to take action and see what happens – if it’s good, we keep going; if it’s bad, we stop and clean up the mess we have created. Sure, it’s better than doing nothing at all but it’s inefficient at best and costly at its worst.

Tool 1

Consequences and Sequels

Look ahead to see the consequences of an action, plan, decision, or rule.

Tool 2

Plus, Minus, Interesting

Ensure that all sides of a matter have been considered before a decision or commitment is made.

Tool 3

Recognize, Analyze, Divide

Break a larger concept into smaller, more manageable parts.

Tool 4

Consider All Factors

Explore all factors related to an action, decision, plan, judgment, or conclusion.

Tool 5

Aims, Goals, Objectives

Focus directly and deliberately on the intentions behind actions.

Tool 6

Alternatives, Possibilities, Choices

Deliberately try to find other ways.

Tool 7

Other People’s Views

Put yourself in others’ shoes.

Tool 8

Key Values Involved

Ensure that your thinking serves your values.

Tool 9

First Important Priorities

Select the most important ideas, factors, objectives, consequences, etc.

Tool 10

Design / Decision, Outcome, Channels, Action

Direct attention to the outcome of the thinking and action that follows.