Chief Learning Officer
Ideas Management Consultants, UAE, Oman, India.


Creation, January 6, 1957, Jammu, India. Early education at University of Bombay. Post Masters Research and Advanced Training in HR at New York University, USA. M.Phil & Ph.D in Management.


  • Board of Trustees, Creative Education Foundation, USA.
  • Lifetime, Master Trainer, Dr. Edward de Bono Creativity Tools.
  • Master Black Belt, Six Sigma- Motorola University, USA.
  • Certified on Creative Problem Solving from CPSI/CEF
    • Introduction to CPS
    • Spring Board to CPS
    • Advanced Tools CPS
    • Building & Sustaining a Culture of Innovation
    • Developing a Creative Learning Environment
    • CPS for Education Level 1
    • CPS for Education Level 2
  • Certified in Design Thinking from CPSI/CEF
    • Introduction to Design Thinking
    • Demystifying Design Thinking
    • Advanced Design Thinking
    • Design Thinking for Education
  • Certified Facilitator on KEYS and SKILLSCOPE –CCL, USA.
  • Certified Creative Problem Solving Profile (CPSP) – Min Basadur, USA.
  • Certified TRIZ Expert (Russian Theory of Inventive Problem Solving), USA.
  • Certified Trainer, Mind Mapping, Buzan Centre, UK.
  • Certified Facilitator and Partner, LEGO Serious Play.
  • Certified Trainer, John Adair ACL Model.
  • Certified ROPES (Team Building) Facilitator, USA.
  • Certified Trainer, Firewalking Institute, USA.
  • Certified Facilitator, Ken Blanchard Companies, USA.
  • Certified Facilitator, BSC and Strategy Maps, Orion Development Group, USA.
  • Specialist in Organization Development (PSOD) NTL, USA.
  • Facilitator – Managing Complex Systems Change, NTL, USA.
  • T- Group Facilitator (Human Interaction Labs) NTL,USA
  • INIM- Quality & Innovation Management-AOTS, Japan.
  • Certified Enhanced Production Systems- Toyota Production System (TPS), TEC /AOTS, Japan.
  • Certified Team Facilitator Training, Tennessee Associates, USA.
  • Facilitator, Quality Improvement Tools, Juran Institute Inc., USA.
  • Certified Koalaty Kid Trainer, ASQ, USA.
  • Certified Facilitator, “Voice of the Customer”, ODI Inc. USA.
  • Certified Lead/Internal Auditor – ISO 9001-2000, IQA, UK
  • Certified Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award Examiner, NIST, U.S.A.


38 years Academic, Industry, Training & Consulting Experience in 40 countries, working with Cultural
Diversity (81 nationalities). Last Line Assignment was as Corporate Manager, HRD, Colgate Palmolive Inc.


  • Several prestigious awards for academic excellence: Dean’s list, Scholarships, 5th Rank B.Com and 1st Rank. M.Com (Major: Business Management) University of Bombay.
  • Colgate Palmolive Inc “Chairman’s You can make a Difference Award”.
  • ISTD – Atmaram Sarogi Best Student – 1987.
  • ISTD – Best Young Indian Trainer Award – 1989.
  • Best Young American professional, 1988.
  • Bharat Gaurav Award, 2006.
  • Hind Ratan Award, 2007.
  • Selected “Most Promising Entrepreneur award Winner 2011”, Asia Pacific-Enterprise Asia.
  • Selected “CQE Century International Quality ERA gold award 2012”
  • Over 250 research papers & articles, Author of 7 books “Innovate or Evaporate”, “Indovation”,
    “Persuasive Selling Skills”, “The Spirit of the Mind”, “Smash It-Avoiding Classic Failures in Innovation”, “Sweet and Sour”, “Death of the Hanky” (in press),
  • Trained over 360,000 people worldwide
  • One US Patent US 60/579,864 and additional one pending for registration.
  • Best Supplier, Dubai Civil Aviation, Dubai
  • Special recognition from Prime Minister’s Office: UAE and Bahrain

To get in touch with Dr. Sunil Gupta: sgupta@omantel.net.om